Approved partners

PME Durable

Their main mission is to support organisations in integrating the concept of social responsibility into the heart of their strategy and operations. We offer advice, training and expertise.

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alcane conseils

alcane conseils helps companies to reduce the impact of chemicals on the environment. Their expertise in regulatory compliance and improving practices is aimed at both users and manufacturers of chemical products.

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Zero Heroes

Zero Heroes is a company whose aim is to achieve a fossil-free economy that is suitable for SMEs. To achieve this, Zero Heroes helps companies and organisations to implement a net-zero target to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

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act helps you save energy. Whether you're a large consumer or an SME, their skilled energy specialists and advanced software tools enable them to provide you with simple and effective advice. 

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projets21 supports companies by integrating the challenges of sustainability, organisation and digitalisation.


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energy move

energy move supports companies in their energy strategy, optimisation, cost reduction, investment planning, digitisation of processes and CO2 emissions assessments.

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EXPERTsuisse, the specialist association for auditing, taxes and fiduciary, trains, supports and represents its Swiss certified experts. EXPERTsuisse has been honouring its responsibility in the areas of the economy, society and politics for more than 95 years.

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Climate Services is a CO2 quantification and planning consultancy established in the canton of Fribourg since 2013.

We are present throughout Switzerland via our network of partners and support SMEs, large companies and public institutions in their CO2 reduction strategy.

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