Climate Services

Climate Services is a pioneering CO2 quantification and planification company in Switzerland. Founded by Werner Halter in 2013, Climate Services has helped hundreds of organisations to reduce their CO2 emissions. 

Through a network of partners active throughout Switzerland, Climate Services offers its expertise ranging from simple advice to a comprehensive strategy on the subject of CO2 and sustainable development, in differentiated areas such as drawing up CO2 assessments, implementing CO2 reduction strategies as well as supporting organisations in various certifications and labelling. 

Our mission: To make organisations active players in the transition to a low-carbon economy by raising their awareness of their impact on the climate and the risks and opportunities that this entails. 

Our vision: To play a major role in reducing the climate impact of organisations in the transition to a sustainable economy.

Our values: Integrity, sustainable impact, expertise, quality

The Team

Werner Halter

Director & project manager

After obtaining his doctorate in geochemistry at McGill University in Montreal, Werner worked as a post-doc and assistant professor in the geology departments of the University of Lausanne and the Zurich Polytechnic.

Seeking new challenges, he left the academic world to run the company Swiss Climate in Bern, which specialises in CO2-related issues, between 2008 and 2013.

With a view to further developing the concept of CO2 management for SMEs, Werner founded Climate Services in Fribourg in 2013. His aim is to make sustainable development the norm in our society.


Laetitia Rusca

Project manager

A business economist, she worked in the real estate and banking sectors before joining Climate Services. She is particularly active in carrying out CO2 assessments for companies and supporting them in their strategies to reduce CO2 emissions. 

She is also responsible for the development of a new platform designed to support organisations in their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and Climate Services' partners in monitoring their customers.


Adrian Douillet

CO2 Consultant

A graduate of the University of St. Gallen in Business Administration (BBA), he specialises in measuring and communicating the environmental impact of companies. After starting his career in auditing, he went on to manage innovation and digital transformation projects for a trust company. His passion for human relations led him to develop new partnerships for a consulting agency, before joining the Climate Services team.

Adrian now advises clients on measuring and reducing their carbon footprint, as well as drawing up mobility plans.


Lucas Magnin


A business school graduate with a commercial diploma, Lucas completed several internships before joining the company in 2022.

Lucas supports the team in carrying out CO2 assessment mandates, in particular in configuring the PlateformeCO2, entering and processing data, calculating statistics and developing support platforms.


Iris Coelho Silva


After several years' experience in the healthcare sector and holding a vocational diploma in economics and services, Iris has decided to move into business economics and sustainability.

Iris works on mandates relating to CO2 assessments, defining emission reduction targets and drawing up roadmaps for companies.


Irina Wilhelm


After obtaining a bachelor's degree in bioeconomy she is currently completing her international master's degree in management and engineering of environment in energy.

For her master's thesis, she joined the Climate Services team and is focussed on the development and testing of a new method to calculate CO2 targets.


Climate Services is a CO2 quantification and planning consultancy established in the canton of Fribourg since 2013.

We are present throughout Switzerland via our network of partners and support SMEs, large companies and public institutions in their CO2 reduction strategy.

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