Labels and certificates

CO2 certificates and labels: tools for protecting the climate


Climate change is one of the major challenges of our century. To combat this phenomenon, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 certificates and labels are tools that can contribute to this fight. They enable CO2 emissions to be measured, offset or reduced. Below you will find information on the CO2 certificates and labels available to help you achieve your climate objective. The Climate Services team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about CO2 certificates and labels.


CO2 certificates


CO2 certificates are certificates of ownership representing one tonne of CO2. They are issued by projects that reduce CO2 emissions (offsetting) or capture and store CO2 emissions (sequestration), such as planting trees, producing renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, growing fast-growing plants or restoring soil. CO2 certificates can be purchased by companies or individuals wishing to offset or reduce their CO2 emissions. By purchasing a CO2 certificate, the buyer finances a project that reduces or stores one tonne of CO2 emissions.


CO2 labels


CO2 labels are certifications attesting that products, services or organisations comply with criteria for reducing CO2 emissions. There are many different CO2 labels, each with its own criteria. CO2 labels can be used by companies to communicate their commitment to climate protection. They can also be used by consumers to identify the most environmentally-friendly products and services.

CO2 offsetCO2 neutral

Understand what CO2 offsetting is, or get help with setting up or purchasing carbon offsetting certificates ...



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CO2 sequestrationNet Zero

Understand what CO2 capture is or be supported in the process of establishing or purchasing carbon sequestration certificates ...



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Carbon Free Valais label

Awarded to companies in Valais that meet the labelling requirements and are committed to reducing their CO2 emissions. The label guarantees that the company has adopted an ambitious climate policy.


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Carbon Fri label

Awarded to Fribourg companies that meet the labelling requirements and are committed to reducing their CO2 emissions. The label can be awarded to products, services, processes, events or a company.


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CO2 Label

Climate Services has developed a CO2 label which is structured in three stages to enable you to highlight each phase of your company's commitment.


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