CO2 sequestration certificate / Net Zero

A CO2 storage certificate is a document that certifies the reduction or elimination of a specific amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) or other greenhouse gases (GHGs) from the atmosphere.

The CO2 storage certificate is issued when projects are put in place to capture and store CO2 emitted by human activities before it is released into the atmosphere. These may include projects to capture and store CO2 in geological reservoirs, the use of biomass in soils and constructions.

These certificates are often traded on carbon credit markets, where companies and organizations can purchase sequestration certificates to offset their greenhouse gas emissions. CO2 sequestration certificates are used to meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set in international climate change agreements, such as the Paris Climate Agreement.

In summary, a CO2 sequestration certificate is a recognition of the removal of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, often used to offset greenhouse gas emissions produced by a company or organization.

CO2 neutral vs. net zero

The carbon offset mechanism consists of buying certificates for reducing CO2 emissions (from climate projects) and using them to offset its own emissions. By purchasing certificates, you finance one or more environmental projects that reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions. The compensation entitles you to a "CO2 neutral" designation.

The Net Zero concept, on the other hand, implies sequestration of emissions and no longer compensation. To be in line with the Net Zero concept, it is therefore necessary to be able to extract and store emissions over the long term. Compensation by certificates therefore no longer applies. An organization or country that wants to achieve Net Zero must ensure that a volume of CO2 equivalent to what is emitted is sequestered.

The sequestration market can operate according to the same principles as the clearing market. Some sequestration certificates are also coming onto the market but the rates are still very high. A price reduction is expected in the coming years, but sequestration projects are still lacking.

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