Carbon Reduction Plan

The fight against global warming induces profound changes in the framework conditions in which companies operate. New constraints are emerging and represent risks and opportunities for companies.

The definition GHG COemissions reduction measures involves the identification and implementation of solutions to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment. These measures may include actions to reduce COemissions in various sectors such as energy, transport, agriculture, industry, waste management, etc.

Emissons reduction measuresmay include the adoption of clean technologies and energy efficiency, as well as changes in consumption behaviours and patterns.

In short, GHG emissions reduction measuresaim to protect the environment and ensure a sustainable future for future generations by limiting the negative impacts of global warming.


This work is carried out using a simulation tool provided by Climate Services. This action plan must ensure that the COemissions reduction trajectory is compatible with the Confederation's climate objectives and the objectives of the Paris Agreements (the "Science-Based Targets" concept).

How can you achieve your objectives?

Climate Services can help your organisation draw up its action plan as follows :

  • identifying the measures already planned and those that are possible
  • quantify the impact of these measures on the evolution of emissions
  • putting in place a schedule of measures that will enable the desired objectives to be achieved, taking into account possible investments and savings

Would you like to benefit from support for the definition of CO2 reduction measures?


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