CO2 offset certificate / CO2 Neutral

The carbon offsetting mechanism involves purchasing CO2 emission reduction certificates (from climate projects) and using them to offset its own emissions.

With these certificates, the organisation finances one or more environmental projects that store, reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

There are many projects that produce offset certificates, developed according to various standards. The type of project, the standard used and the volume purchased determine the price per tonne of offsetting. Do you want to make a product CO2 neutral or offset your emissions for a particular event? We can manage the administrative process for you.


Your benefits :

  • Simplified administrative management of transactions
  • The guarantee that the CO2certificates meet international standards
  • Communication about your support for emission reduction projects
  • The certainty of using the "CO2 neutral" designation in accordance with current international criteria.

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How CO2 offset certificates work

CO2 offset certificates are documents that certify the reduction or avoidance of one tonne of CO2 equivalent (tCO2eq). They are issued by climate projects that help to protect the environment.

To offset their CO2 emissions, companies and individuals can buy CO2 compensation certificates. By purchasing a certificate, they finance a climate project that has reduced or avoided one tonne of CO2 emissions.

CO2 offset certificates are issued by third-party organisations, such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or government agencies. These organisations check that climate projects meet strict criteria, including :

  • The link between the project and the CO2 certificate must be clearly established.
  • The project must have a positive impact on the environment.
  • The project must be sustainable over time.

CO2 offsetting certificates are subject to international standards, such as the Kyoto Protocol or the Emissions Reduction and Offset Scheme (ERS). These standards guarantee that the certificates are issued in a transparent and reliable manner.

What are offset COcertificates used for?
They are used to finance climate projects that meet strict criteria (link between the project and the certificate; proof of compliance; annual monitoring) regulated by international standards. By purchasing recognised COcertificates, you are guaranteed to offset your CO2 emissions.

What types of climate projects can be carried out using CO2 certificates?
A wide range of international projects is available, and we can send you some examples. These projects are subject to strict standards that guarantee the unique use of each tonne offset. The issue of COcertificates is monitored by organisations such as SQS or SGS.

CO2 neutral vs. net zero

The carbon offset mechanism consists of buying certificates for reducing CO2 emissions (from climate projects) and using them to offset its own emissions. By purchasing certificates, you finance one or more environmental projects that reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions. The compensation entitles you to a "CO2 neutral" designation.

The Net Zero concept, on the other hand, implies sequestration of emissions and no longer compensation. To be in line with the Net Zero concept, it is therefore necessary to be able to extract and store emissions over the long term. Compensation by certificates therefore no longer applies. An organization or country that wants to achieve Net Zero must ensure that a volume of CO2 equivalent to what is emitted is sequestered.

The sequestration market can operate according to the same principles as the clearing market. Some sequestration certificates are also coming onto the market but the rates are still very high. A price reduction is expected in the coming years, but sequestration projects are still lacking.

Climate Services is happy to assist you in the search for attractive projects and in transactions for compensation. It is important to use the right terminology and communication strategy to avoid confusion with your stakeholders. Do not hesitate to tell us about it.

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